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If you have been injured at work, you need to contact an experienced Columbia, SC, workers' compensation attorney. There are several things that you need to know if you have suffered a work-related injury.

Benefits and Medical Care

  • You may be entitled to temporary benefits if you had to miss work because of your injury. If you missed more than seven days of work, you will be entitled to receive benefits for each day after seven until the 14th day out of work, in which you will then be entitled to receive benefits for the first seven days of work that you missed.
  • Workers' compensation is a no fault system, which means that you will likely be entitled to benefits even if the accident was your fault.
  • Workers' compensation will pay for medical care for work-related injuries. The workers' compensation insurance carrier gets to pick the medical providers who will provide the reasonable and necessary medical care. The injured worker is also entitled to round trip mileage to his/her medical providers if it is 5 miles or more one way to the medical provider.
  • If you have suffered a permanent work-related injury to a particular body part, you will be entitled to receive a disability award for that particular body part.
  • If you have a permanent work-related injury to a particular body part which affects another body part or system or you have suffered injuries to two or more body parts or systems, you may be entitled to wage loss benefits or permanent and total benefits. Wage loss is for a maximum of 340 weeks and is determined by two thirds of the difference between your weekly gross income before and after the work-related accident. Permanent and total disability is awarded when the injured worker cannot return to any type of job in the economy. A permanent and total award is for a maximum of 500 weeks unless there is permanent and severe brain injury, paraplegia, or quadriplegia, in which case the award is for the lifetime of the injured worker.
  • If you have suffered a permanent work-related injury, you may be entitled to lifetime medical care.
Contact David "Chip" Truitt of the Truitt law firm in Columbia, SC, for a free consultation so you can tell him your story. Mr. Truitt has handled hundreds of workers' compensation cases throughout his twenty-two years of practicing law and will use his experience to help you get the proper medical care for your oftentimes devastating and catastrophic injuries. Mr. Truitt will work diligently on your case to ensure that you receive all of the workers' compensation benefits allowed under the law. Every effort will be made to resolve your case without a workers' compensation hearing; however, Mr. Truitt will not hesitate to litigate your case if that is the better course of action.

All fee agreements for a workers' compensation case are handled on contingency basis so that you do not have to pay an upfront attorney fee. An attorney fee is owed only if you receive an award or settlement. No attorney fee is owed if there is no recovery.

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