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If you have been arrested or charged with a crime, you will need an experienced Columbia, SC, criminal defense attorney. Contact David "Chip" Truitt to tell him your story. Mr. Truitt has been practicing law since 1992.

Criminal Defense Attorney | Columbia, SC

If you have been charged with a crime, it is important to remember that you have certain rights guaranteed by the Constitution. You have the right to remain silent and should exercise this right if arrested or questioned by law enforcement. You also have the right to an attorney and should request an attorney if being questioned by law enforcement.

Once you hire an attorney, that attorney will be able to obtain all the evidence the prosecution has in its possession. This includes exculpatory or mitigating evidence which the prosecution may not intend to use at trial. The criminal defense attorney will be able to review this evidence with you to see what defenses may apply to your case.

Even though you may not necessarily believe that you have a winning defense, you need to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to see what your options are. The government has to prove every element of the charge beyond a reasonable doubt. The defendant does not have to produce any evidence, and the jury cannot use that against the defendant. Mr. Truitt will not hesitate to file the necessary motions regarding your case and take your case to trial if that is the best option for you. In addition, the prosecutors know that Mr. Truitt has won many criminal jury trials throughout his many years of practicing law, which means that you are likely to receive the best possible plea offer on your case.

Mr. Truitt looks forward to talking to you about your case. Contact him for a free consultation. Mr. Truitt will listen to your story and explain all of your rights and options to you at the initial consultation. He will use his experience and skill to help you obtain the best possible outcome for your case.

Criminal Defense Experience

Mr. Truitt practiced criminal defense law for one year in Easley, South Carolina in 1993 before accepting a job as an Assistant Solicitor for the Fifth Judicial Circuit, which includes Richland and Kershaw counties.

Mr. Truitt prosecuted all types of crimes from 1993-1998, including drug possession and distribution and driving under the influence. Mr. Truitt is a former Violent Crime Task Force Assistant Solicitor for the Fifth Judicial Circuit, prosecuting such cases as murder, rape, burglary, armed robbery, felony driving under the influence, and assault and battery with intent to kill. In 1994, Mr. Truitt was a member of one of the first prosecution teams to successfully use DNA evidence to help convict a rapist.

Since 1999, Mr. Truitt has been defending all types of felony and misdemeanor crimes, including state and federal charges. He has successfully defended many types of criminal cases, including murder, rape, drug, and driving under the influence cases.

From 2000-2007, Mr. Truitt was the prosecutor for the town of Chapin. Mr. Truitt prosecuted all misdemeanors for the town of Chapin, including driving under the influence cases.

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